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TV Commercials, Corporate Videos Motion Graphic Animation & More

Motion By Design is a digital content studio based in the beautiful, picturesque city of Adelaide. With a key focus on call-to-action creative, branded insights and motion graphic animation, Motion By Design is the premium choice when it comes to digital content.
We specialise in television advertising, online content production for media campaigns, television content, Facebook advertising, Youtube and Google display adverts. Our extensive knowledge and experience give us the unique ability to stay ahead of the curve, meaning we can provide a service that not only predicts trends in the industry, but sets them as well.
We can also provide filmic corporate videos, explainer videos, television commercials and even photography. We’re capable of anything and everything related to digital content, and we can even tailor a package to suit any business or agency needs.
By researching consumer insights, we can craft the right content for the right media to reach your customer at exactly the right time. We can create a content strategy to hit your audience at every marketing touch point within your marketing funnel.
You’re in safe hands with Motion By Design.

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Advertising & Creative

Idea generation, product insights and scripting across all media marketing campaigns. A quality strategy based on good content!

Television Commercials

TV advertising is very still effective and cheap! Get your brand and message across with animation or film.

Corporate Videos

Combining cinematic camera work, animation and motion graphics together to craft the perfect video for you. Short or long.

2D & 3D Animation

2D or 3D and even HTML5.

Let animation get your message across more effectively.


Product and coporate. Anything that’s required.

What our clients say?

Andrew J
A great mix of creative genius, marketing know-how, and technical capabilities. Extremely happy with Motion by Design for delivering content that looks amazing AND serves the right purpose.
Kristen B
Kristen B
I completed an Into to After Effects course with Dom from Motion By Design last week. It was informative, easy to understand and a great environment to learn. Dom's knowledge of Motion Graphics is extensive; I left the course feeling inspired and look forward to signing up to further courses in the future.
Nikki A
Nikki A
I organised a full day After Effects work shop with Dom. I learned so much from Dom's workshop, I would highly recommend to anyone. He has a great passion for what he does and is very talented. Thanks again Dom.
Karl M
Karl M
Efficient run through of the After Effects interface by Dom - great for beginners looking to get a quick crash course

Digital content production and marketing

Online content production is used to boost your brand awareness, increase your google ranking and searchability, guide a purchase and make conversions.

It’s everything from a photo, a video, a small piece of design, text copy or a colour choice to help guide your future customer to a purchase.

 Consumer are more educated than ever about brand and products and are looking online for answers. Stand out from your competition with original and targeted content made by us, Motion By Design. 

Drive business growth, decrease your marketing and media expense by improving and optimising your outgoings.

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  • Shopping for 2D Animation?


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  • Winter cleaning #mograph style.

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  • Run doggo run 🐶 
Look at those lil legs go!

A snippet from a soon-to-be-released series of animated shorts.

#2danimation #walkcycle #dog #animation #animade #motionbydesign #aescripts #maskanimation #aftereffects #norig
  • Been a while since diving into the land of serious audio production.⁠
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  • The view at Wallaroo

#wallaroo #fishing #circles #sky
  • Want to learn how to bring your illustrations into After Effects ready for animation? Check out my new tutorial on my new article on www.motionbydesign.com.au#motiondesign #tutorial #mograph #animation #adobe #illustratortoafx #aftereffects
  • Animation ‘cycle’ in after effects using #duikbassel 
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  • EOFY is just like Christmas when you receive a lovely @smallrig_official delivery. 
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  • Shape and mask play in After Effects.

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  • Had a blast filming in Wallaroo with @aerialphotographyandvideo on Friday. Managed to take a few awesome shots of his Inspire with my little Mavic Air.⠀
#mavicair #drone #dronevsdrone #inspire #aerialphotographyandvideo #wallaroo

Articles and learning

Check out our articles on marketing, content production and motion graphics to help you build your own brand and skill sets.

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