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Unique, engaging & creative visual communication for the world.

We are a full-service video production agency specialising in unique visual content and animation. Got a project in mind? Schedule a consultation with our award-winning team today to bring your vision to life.

Results first - always. The only animation agency that cares about your results.

Motion By Design cares about your success – results always come first. We are a leading supplier of corporate video and animation across Australia and beyond because we care about our clients and the results we get. 

Why Motion By Design?

We blend thoughtful creative and passionate artistry with emerging techniques.

Forging braver, smarter content that transcends accessibility and language barriers. Our background in marketing brings a unique edge to our work in driving engagement and results.

Motion By Design partners with brands, institutions, and agencies that you already know and love. Companies across the world trust Motion By Design to tell their stories, drive customer engagement, and lift their brand to new heights.

Leading brands who work with Motion By Design

End to end content, creative animation and video production company.

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The proof is in the pudding.

Explore our Case Study Gallery to uncover the successful strategies we employ to solve our clients problems. Learn how we’ve helped clients overcome challenges with visual communication and achieve their goals.

Big brands communicate with video, animation and creative content, and consumers love it!

But why is visual communication the surefire way to connect with an audience and achieve business success?

Visual communication is effective and engaging storytelling for your brand.

It builds trust and connection with an audience, ultimately converting and achieving results.

It’s an ideal method for education, with studies showing that people learn and absorb information faster through visuals.

A key component for SEO, visual communication creates more exposure and recognition for your brand.

If you have a video on your website you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google search results.

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