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UNHCR Innovation Service

It was a privilege for us to collaborate with UNHCR.
We were approached by UNHCR to craft 5 animation videos to serve as educational assets and as informative tools detailing the UNHCR services aimed at stateless people.

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Exploring Humanitarian Ventures

Across five compelling animations, we embarked on a visual journey, traversing various landscapes and narratives. From UNHCR staff utilizing AI-based software to aid the refugee community in Afghanistan, to exploring the Ecuadorian community’s sustainable resource initiatives, each animation delved into distinct humanitarian ventures.


Brand Elements

Staying true to the UNHCR’s established brand, we incorporated their recognizable color palette into the animations. Furthermore, our meticulous attention to detail ensured authentic representation of diverse cultures and ethnicities. We utilized a library of characters reflecting various backgrounds, enabling us to swiftly create and animate culturally rich personas for each narrative. Our commitment to a modern animation style ensured a clear and simplistic visual language.


Our Methodology

Our work process commenced with extensive client briefings, followed by in-depth research to grasp the essence of each initiative. Visual research and storyboarding were crucial in conceptualizing the narratives. Rigorous character and background designs preceded the animation and video production phase. Adopting a multimedia approach enabled us to create engaging content that resonated with diverse audiences.


Project Summary

Our primary goal was to bring attention to critical humanitarian matters by depicting real-life scenarios and individuals. Through animation, we aimed to communicate diverse narratives, showcasing the UNHCR’s efforts across different locations and initiatives.


5x animated explainers
● Innovation Learning
● Refugee-led Innovation Fund
● Environment and Climate Action Innovation Fund
● Digital Innovation Fund
● Data Innovation Fund

Data Impact Innovation Fund

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Digital Innovation Fund

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Innovation Learning

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Environment & Resilience Fund

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Refugee Lead Innovation Fund

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Kirsten O'regan
Associate Communications Officer, UNHCR

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