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This project aimed to raise awareness about Maptek’s safety solutions in a way that was accessible and engaging while maintaining the brand’s professionalism.

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MBD and Maptek take mining safety to the next level with VisionV2X

Our creative team at MBD has collaborated with Maptek to help launch their latest product, VisionV2X.
A Reliable proximity awareness system to bring your people and equipment home safely.
This innovative product was officially launched at stand 315 at Austmine2023 in Adelaide this week
and the animated video we created is live at the booth and online.
Congratulations to Maptek on this incredible achievement in the mining industry!

About this project

Maptek, with over 40 years of experience in serving the mining industry, recognized the need for advanced safety solutions. With over 25,000 users worldwide, Maptek’s digital innovations were already optimizing processes and safety across the entire mining sector, from exploration to rehabilitation.

The visual direction

The visual style adopted for this project prominently featured isometric graphics. This choice allowed for a clear and visually engaging representation of the equipment, personnel, and the underground environment.

To maintain focus on the information and ensure clarity, a minimal color palette was utilized. This minimalist approach contributed to a sleek and professional look.



Project brief

Maptek, a leader in innovative solutions for the mining industry, embarked on a project to introduce Vision V2X, a cutting-edge proximity awareness system.
This system was designed to enhance safety across mining sites worldwide, catering to both personnel and equipment safety.


To meet Maptek’s objectives, we developed a comprehensive solution that highlighted Vision V2X’s features and benefits in a clear and visually engaging manner.

Client’s objective

Maptek aimed to introduce Vision V2X as a revolutionary solution for the mining industry. The primary objective was to communicate the system’s capabilities, ease of integration, and the crucial role it plays in improving safety underground.

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