Website Animations

Responsive and interactive animations to enrich your website or app!

Taking your website to the next level by adding motion and interactions that your client will never forget.

Moving elements are a great way to capture your audience’s attention.

Customers are so used to scrolling through still, boring web pages and they’ve seen so many of them already..

We are here to change that! Using the gift of motion we’ll enrich your website\app and make it come to life. 

Contact us today to create unique animations and interactions that will keep your audience captivated and make them want to spend even more time on your platform.

Adding motion to your website couldn't by any easier!

Lottie (by Airbnb) is a powerful .JSON based animation file format that combines vector + Images to form animation.

Lottie is a very flexible JSON-based animation file format that allows you to ship animations with ease. They are very small in size, run smoothly on any platform and can be scaled up or down without any pixelations, make them the ultimate choice for your app or website.

Lottie has so MANY amazing features, but the one we love the most is that it allows the user to interact with the animation like never before!

Lottie VS GIF/Video

Unlike GIF or Video, Lottie offers lightweight, scalable and high quality animations allowing fast loading time without any compromise.
Just to give you an idea, to export this Lottie animation in a resealable quality, the file size will be cranked to 8mb - and who wants that? nobody!




Show off your product!

Show off your product in a unique and interactive way with a full 360 view that allows your customers to explore every angle of your product with just a simple mouse scroll. Immerse your audience in a dynamic viewing experience that will give them a true sense of your product’s design, features, and quality. Let them see your product from every angle and bring it to life right in front of their eyes. Upgrade your product presentation today and give your customers an experience they’ll never forget!

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