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Video Production Company Adelaide - Corporate Video Agency | Adelaide


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Congratulations, you found us! Motion By Design is a leading provider of animation and video production services for businesses, agencies, and governments across Australia and the world.

We have a proud history of partnering with some of Australia’s most trusted brands and institutions, providing them with everything from marketing strategies, = explainer videos, TV commercials, social media adverts, and more.

We provide our clients with the best possible results across a range of visual media by understanding their business and actually caring about outcomes. 

End to end content, creative animation and video production company.

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Explore our Case Study Gallery to uncover the successful strategies we employ to solve our clients problems. Learn how we’ve helped clients overcome challenges with visual communication and achieve their goals.

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How we animate

Complex stories told simply using animation.

Animation provides a minimal aesthetic to communicate, educate, story tell and share ideas. Creating a connection with your audience in ways that text or or live-action film cannot.

Sharing a complex story with ease while having a lasting impact.

Australia’s leading brands and ad agencies are already investing in video animation creation to share their story with the masses.

We create assets for brands that stem from unique illustrations through to movement that draws the eye and mind where it’s directed. 

Motion Design

Video Animation Agency in Adelaide

Motion design or motion graphics is exactly what it sounds like – Design, but in motion, or with movement. Similar to animation… but can be so much more and mix a range of media. It’s a creative discipline that is both extremely important, and commonly misunderstood. It takes a very specific set of skills to design and create something that looks pleasing to a viewer, but it’s a whole other thing to make it look good when it moves too. You’ll find motion graphics used everywhere – in films, advertisements,  on television, internet and even in apps… when you combine those skills, you get motion graphics design – and that’s what we do really well!!

Motion Design
2D Animation

3D Animation

From 3D character design, visual effects, VR reality video integration, or simply providing 3D CAD renders in a cool-catchy – talk to us about the best form of 3D animation for you.

Product Animation

Product animation videos will show your products off in their best possible light. We create purely animated products or combine them with photos and vidoe  that can be updated, manipulated, and presented perfectly as adverts, on website or at a trade show – showing your brand and product at its best.

Product Animation
Animated Branding Videos

Animated Branding

When you think animation, you often align it with tech or financial industries… But it can suit most brands. We bring life to your brand – take a stuffy, corporate, static look and develop it into strong, recognisable, and flexible brand assets that can be used in multiple forms of media. Best of all.. Any staff change overs are not a problem with an animated video.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainers have grown increasingly popular in our new digital age. It’s the perfect way of telling a story quickly or educating a customer about complex products. We excel at condensing products and services into a distinct script and unique look and feel. Condensing your information and delivering it in an engaging package your audience will love, recognise and align with.

Animated Explainer Videos
Cartoon Explainer

Cartoon Explainer

Let us create you a Cartoon Explainer that is bright, bold, entertaining and accessible. We’ll use illustrated characters to allow the story and content to take precedence, while maintaining attention through simplified images that don’t overload the audience with unnecessary stimulus.

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