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We were asked to create an exciting and vibrant campaign to launch FSL’s merch to boost their sales and grow awareness. Through impactful, entertaining videos, and powerful model shoots we were able to exceed the client’s expectations and sell the merch out in the first 12 hours.

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We drove the success of the campaign

At the core of the project’s success lies our innovative approach and expertise. MBD’s pivotal contribution significantly shaped the concept that led to the exceptional outcome. Our team’s ability to envision a comprehensive approach—from the initial shoot to crafting compelling ads—proved instrumental in delivering outstanding results.

Merch Photoshoot

Merch Photoshoot

About this project

FSL’s brand and style showcase a distinctive identity characterized by bright colors, intricate sketches, and chaotic doodles merging seamlessly.
The merch launch embodied this exuberance, promising a fusion of artistic design and urban energy. To reflect the brand’s chaotic yet cohesive designs, we incorporated the vibrant brand elements in the shoot, the videos, and the posts we created for the campaign.

Brand Elements

We collaborated with a talented graffiti artist to create a striking graffiti wall that seamlessly complemented the brand’s identity. This backdrop became a pivotal feature, providing a raw and authentic background while the models engaged it and the box was featured in front of it.
The use of bright new colors, chaotic designs, and playful doodles brought the merch to life.

Impact and Results

The FSL merch launch project stands as a testament to our team’s ability to transform concepts into captivating visual stories. By embracing the brand’s eclectic identity and infusing it into every element of our work, we crafted a visual experience that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations and the merch sold out in 12 hours.

Project Brief

The project centered on creating a visually stunning and immersive experience for the new merch launch.

The goal is to captivate our audience through compelling motion graphics and dynamic visual effects that effectively communicate the product’s features and brand essence.


● 2 Announcement videos (Multiple sizes for different platforms)
● Main merch video (Multiple sizes for different platforms)
● Unboxing video (Multiple sizes for different platforms)
● Teaser video and GIF (Multiple sizes for different platforms)
● Retouched Photoshoot images.


Our solution involved that we combined the photoshoot with flashing clips of the brand’s doodles and implementing quick fast-paced editing.

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Announcement Video

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Teaser Video

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Unboxing Video

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Teaser GIF

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Main Video

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Announcement Video

Lucas Duboisset
Marketing Lead at Find Satoshi Lab

Wow, that’s epic! thank you all for the amazing assets you’re producing and the
fast turnaround!

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