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Hollywood Green Look DaVinci Resolve grade. Free tutorial.

How to get the Hollywood 'Green' Look

On Facebook today in the Adelaide Film Makers Hub Group Yash asked if it’s better to achieve this look in-camera or in post-production.

I am a big fan of getting it right in-camera but achieving a stylised look like this in camera can stuff everything up later in the project.

  • If they used green lighting filters on set the skin tones would be wrong, and perhaps much harder to fix in post-production
  • Anything you do in-camera is harder to remove after the fact so if you choose to stylise your lighting you need to stick with it…
Green-look colour grade

I’ve put together this instructional so you can create the same look

The Hollywood color grade green look

Node 1 the vignette

Normally the first shot would be the colour-correction grade. Because the colours in this video are good I moved straight onto the Vignette to add that moody look. The post from Yash used dynamic lighting to create the shadows, but for this we are faking it 🙂

Node 2 select skin tones

Use the colour selection tool to select only the skin tones. (top left).

Fine-tune the denoise, clean black, white and blur radius to remove any noise your selection has created.

You can use this node to correct any skin-tone colour issues.

 Node 3 the outside selection

The outside selection node selects the inverse of the node before. This allows us to adjust the colours of the shot without changing the skin tone.

I’ve pushed the Lift and Gamma on this node down into the green to give the shaddows and mid-tone the green look. Notice that it has not changed the skin tone grade.

Outside selection DaVinci Resolve

You can now make any final tweaks on your final node to things like saturation, gamma and offset. 

Any questions please feel free to shoot me an email to

DaVinci Resolve - Green look grade

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