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Accolade Wine “Wise Wolf Global Product Launch

In collaboration with Elastic Studios, Motion By Design created a stunning product launch video that combined 2D animation with a beautiful hand-painted illustration style, that drove the entire Wise Wolf campaign look and feel.

Play Video about Wise wolf wines - animation screenshot - water colour forrest

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Play Video about howling werewolf water colour illustration

Client: Accolade Wines
In Collaboration with: Elastic

About this project

The Wise Wolf brand from Accolade Wines was an all-new brand that was to have a focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the wine production process, and the client wanted a stunning graphical animation to highlight this connection to nature and the environment.

The original client direction was to create a 3D wolf that moves through and can interact with a 2D environment. This was to allow the wolf to be flexible enough to be captured at different angles with different camera movements.

Once the client saw our vision for a watercolour and ink inspired world, and the vibrancy of life that the wolf bought in that environment, the entire project was shifted to support the 2D hand-painted feel – with transition effects and bloom added to further increase the liveliness of the scenes, and utilised specialized AI software to add 3D movement to our 2D painted wolf, creating a truly unique look for the client.

The Goal: To create a stunning brand animation, that tied the image of a wolf to the organic and renewable materials use that separates the brand from Accolade’s other brands.

Project brief

To create an animated branding video that incorporates the specific unique traits of the Wise Wolf brand – differentiating it from existing Banrock Station brands, higlighting the brand’s focus on renewable materials, and taking on a life of it’s own that partner’s with the packaging, bottles, and online media.


Motion By Design took the initial concept and design in a new direction, by adding a lot of extra movement and overlaying design elements the video developed a living feel without adding too much in the way of extra movement.


• 1x bespoke, unique animation video trailer
• Social media sized cut-downs and edits
• Illustration assets prepped for use in alternate media

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