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Gas Hero

Motion By Design and Malicious Delicious partnered on Gas Hero’s animated trailer and in-game videos. The animation gained traction quickly, reaching 321,000 views on Twitter within two weeks.

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Maptek Explainer Video icon


We helped Maptek launch VisionV2X, an advanced mining safety solution, with a clear and engaging animated video.

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UNHCR - Animated video case study - world globe with people connected and communicating


We worked with UNHCR on 5 animations highlighting their services for stateless individuals, reflecting diverse cultures and global humanitarian efforts.

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Northern Health

Northern Health’s animated videos highlight the importance of shared decision-making and patient feedback in healthcare, receiving positive feedback from both consumers and clinicians.

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SA Health

Motion By Design animated videos for South Australia’s PROMs and PREMs launch, earning a Supplier Innovation Award for their contribution to patient-clinician communication.

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MBD and Elastic Studios teamed up for Woolworths’ ‘Growing Greener’ campaign, creating engaging animated videos educating kids on sustainability. Linked to collectible Woolworths Bricks, the videos were praised by the client.

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