Superloop ADL500 ​

Corporate Videos​


2019 was the first year the famous ADL500 was sponsored by Superloop and they wanted to make a big bold. Motion By Design was commissioned to help polish up some existing creative and to help leave a lasting brand awareness to all who attended the event.

All up we were given 3 days to get these 4 videos up to scratch for the event. Needless to say we made deadline, even with enough time to spare for some client changes and additions.


  • Craft 4x videos that will leave a lasting impression for those who attended the ADL500.
  • To make it clear that Superloop is an internet provider
  • To link fast cars with speedy internet


Needless to say at such a massive event the impact of these videos was huge! It’s always great when your work gets shown in such a public forum, it makes Motion By Design proud to be part of such a successful Adelaide event.

superloop ADL500

Watch the Videos Here