Do you have a story to tell?

Motion By Design are looking to collaborate with young and upcoming Australian writers that have big ideas for animation.

Motion By Design want to design and animate for you, and work with broadcasters, government authorities, investors, and publishing partners to secure the means to produce your story into a fully fledged final product.

What we need from you

  1. Your storyline pitch. Who are the characters? What’s their story? What are they going to be doing? What’s their motivation? Why are they interesting?
  2. Your inspiration and look. What type of look do you envision for your story? Hand-drawn, stop motion, simple animation, mixed live-action and animation, high-budget action? What are some of the influences that have driven you to write your story? What other animations do you think should be similar?
  3. Information about you. Are you a film student? Are you a high school student? Do you just have a great idea that you want help with producing? Has it always been your dream to bring your characters to live? We want to know!
  4. Your script, your character illustrations, your vision. Anything you can send to us to give us the best idea of what you want your show to be, and how you want it to look.

Send your ideas and pitches to us at

If you have the perfect story, we’ll help you tell it!

Animated Explainer Videos - Proms-and-Prems screenshots from the animation

Don’t have a script idea, but need the professionals
to do the animation work for you?

Motion By Design is full-package animation and design agency,
capable of producing high-level content of all kinds for all needs.

Check out some of our other work, or contact us to get started.

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