LinkedIn Video Marketing Tips

LinkedIn Video Marketing Tips

Over the past few months there has been a growing trend, especially on LinkedIn of people recording themselves talking to camera giving advice. Business advice, marketing advice, health advice… the list goes on.

So, what caused this? Everyone has caught the ‘videos are great’ bug and are trying to make their own. People are trying to build their own brand and make a name for themselves. There’s only one issue with that – Everyone else is doing the same thing.

The biggest tip I can give anyone starting out is think of your audience.

What is your audience doing?

How are they watching/ ingesting this content?

Why do they want to watch my content?


LinkedIn is a great place to build your brand, especially in the B2B world. Here are a few tips to help your video stand out and gain traction on LinkedIn.

Use a title screen

To grab your viewers’ attention right at the start make sure you use a title screen. People want to know what your talking about without turning on sound or watching you talk for 30 seconds.

grab your viewers attention with a title screen

Subtitles / Captions

People use their phones and browse the internet at all times and the most inappropriate places (talking about work here not the toilet). Over 80% of social media users don’t browse with sound on so make sure you provide subtitles.

User subtitles or captions


You should have a content strategy in place. The content of your video is the most important thing.

Who is your audience? What information do they want to know? What do you have to share with them that matters?

We don’t want to see you give a glorified blog post before you step into a meeting or while your in the car on the way to the airport. Tell us something meaningful and give us your full attention

Keep it short

Edit out all your ums/ahhs, pauses and rambling. Better yet….  do another take. The third or even fourth time you say the same thing will sound better anyway. 

LinkedIn Video Marketing Tip Keep It short

Make it professional

Film some overlay (action based footage), add in some graphics or animation and a music track. Keep the audience engaged with some production value.

Seeing you talk to camera for 5 minutes will get boring very quickly

LinkedIn Video Marketing Tip Keep It short

Get a pro to help out

If your looking to ‘make your mark’ across socials and build your brand then touch base. We’d love to help you make better videos. 

We can provide top and tail motion graphic elements or build you out a template to use. The little things like this raise the production value and build your brand quicker.