Free After Effects Facebook Advert Template

Free After Effects Social Media Advert Template

By now, you know that we love giving stuff away for free. That’s why we’ve built this After Effects template for you to use for social media adverts.

It comes complete with all animations and transitions, with placeholders for your text or graphics. I’ve even gone to the bother of making it easy for you to change colours to match your brand (how nice am I😊).

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No Plugins

This After Effects project is completely self-contained, no plugins needed, only After Affects CC. Simply open it up, paste your logos in and you’re good to go

Fully Customisable

You get all the working files (although initially hidden). I’ve gone to the effort of making it easy for you to adjust colours to your brand without having to know much about After Effects.
Simply select the ‘colour controls’ layer – then in the effect controls you can change the background and foreground colours to work for you.

How to modify

I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible but we all need instructions right?

  • Place your logo inside the composition that called LOGO
  • Place your Sale graphic or text inside the composition called Sales Graphic here
  • Place your CTA graphic inside the CTA graphic composition
  • Change the colours on the colour control layer to match your style
  • Render
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  • WOOHOOO you’ve got yourself a Facebook and Instagram advert without much work, for free (you can thank me in beer, or perhaps wine)

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No plugins required. It’s vector so it’s large as you want it. 4K, HD you name it…
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