Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question regarding our Production Process? You might find the answer here

How long does a project take?

Everything Motion By Design produces is bespoke to each client, so timings can vary. For a logo animation you could have a finished product in 2-3 days. for a 60 second animation around 2 weeks. There are always ways to speed up a project, so if you have a tight deadline ask us if it’s possible!

How much does an animation cost?

Motion By Design provides quotes for each job based on complexity of animation, illustration and of course… your budget. If you have examples of illustration and animation that you like send them through and ask us  ‘how much’. A 60 second bespoke animated video including all the bells and whistles can range from $4000-$15,000 based on animation and illustration style. A logo animation can start at $400 and go up to $1500 if it includes some 3D animation.

The price of your project is calculated by style, technique and run-time. But most of all… your budget, so if you are unsure what you’re budget will get you, give us a call. 

How do we ensure value for money?

We have over 12 years of Advertising and Marketing experience that we use to ensure each video project will provide you with the desired outcomes. We provide the little things that others don’t – like cut-down videos for social media and even the illustration files if requested, so you can use all the fun assets we create on your website and socials.



What are your payment terms

We request 50% of the project total to be paid before work commences, the remainder is due 14 days after the job is completed.

Will I own the animation once completed?

You certainly will! However, we do request the right to use the work we have produced for you, in part or full, for our own marketing purposes. Once the project is completed we will provide you with video download links. 

How many revisions do you get?

During the production process we have stages of approval to avoid any surprises at the end.

We have approval stages for Script, Illustration and Animation so at every major stage you can provide feedback before work commences. We allow for a reasonable amount of revision time in every project, and if it’s out of scope we’ll let you know before commencing any further work.


Do you do 2D animation as well as 3D animation?

Yes! we do both 2D and 3D animation in-house.