Do you need an in-house videographer/Editor?

Do you need an in-house videographer/Editor?

Video has been the flavor of the month now for a while and it’s only becoming more and more popular. For good reason…

If you’re running a B2B or B2C company, video content is a great tool to have in your marketing strategy. A brand video (top of funnel) or a video for socials made to that convert leads is proven to give you better results than a still image or graphic.

Some larger companies have since made the bold move to tell their marketing agency to F**K off and bring everything in house…. It’s an interesting strategy, and not one I would recommend for all occasions, but it certainly has its merit. How do you decide if bringing a videographer full-time is a good idea?

I’ve put together a few questions to help you out in the decision.

          How much do you want to spend (or currently) spend on making videos every year?

A newbie (fresh out of school or uni) videographer will start at about 45k+Super (Australian Dollars). They won’t be as good as a hand selected video agency, but if you’re looking to create bulk content, like internal facing videos this is probably the right move. If you’re needing someone to do some cool motion graphics and make something of quality, you’d be looking at closer to the 65K+super mark. As soon as you throw the words ‘TV commercial’ or ‘100kplus social media spend’ in the mix your best to outsource to a professional who will get you better results.

          Does quality matter for you, not just price?

So if you’ve decided quality actually matters to your brand (because you’re a premium brand) the decision is easy.  With an agency you SHOULD get a quality result. They use better stock music beds, voice over artists and can do more for your brand. If you want something that looks like a Nike commercial or Superdry TVC they can do it… there is a price tag but you get what you pay for. If you’re already spending about 100k on out-sourcing videos perhaps it’s time to bring it in-house.


          Do you actually need a unicorn? Someone who also knows motion graphics, photography and design?


A basic videographer/ editor can’t do everything required to make something like awesome. To make a great video you need to know how to light a scene, record great quality audio, edit and colour grade. There is a reason in Hollywood all of these tasks are done by a different person, or even company. Unicorns exist… ones that can do ‘everything’ you need but they won’t want to work for you full-time making the same videos. Would you put a tiger in a cage?

At some point while reading this article you decided ‘Yes… I wan’t to hire a full-time videographer/editor’.

These are the things you should look out for in a showreel and ask in the interview.

  • Can you run me through your showreel and tell me what you did / didn’t do?
  • Do you use templates for projects or do everything from scratch
  • What sort of cameras have you used in the past…? What would you recommend we buy for you to use here at the office?
  • What tools do you edit in? (Premier pro / After effects/ Avid/ Resolve /  After Effects)
  • Do you bring any other skills like photography or design?

Don’t know what any of these questions mean? Then send me an email and I can help you out.

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