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free text animators template

Free After Effects text animator pack

Free After Effects text animator pack is a versatile After Effects template that allows you to create your own fun, versatile and dynamically animated text transitions, without all the hard work. This free after effects template contains 5 uniquely designed and stylishly animated text transition effects.

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After Effects Smoothing shaky footage. Track Point After Effects Image

Shaky Video Footage Stabilisation Techniques

Stabilising shaky camera footage is one of the first and more important ‘tricks of the trade’ you should learn – not only for motion graphic animation but also as a video editor. Because sometimes the best shot of the day isn’t quite good enough…

There are a few key really easy ways to stabilise shots these days thanks to progress with the adobe range. We will explore some of the one-button solutions and some advanced techniques to get the results you need – especially if the ol’ faithful ‘warp stabilizer VFX’ doesn’t work for you.

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