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What is motion design

What is Motion Design

Motion design is a craft that fills our lives – most of the time without even realising it. Everything from loading animations, UI, UX and advertising.

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Free Animated Ribbon graphics

Free After Effects template – Ribbon Animations. No plugins required, only Adobe After Effects CC.

Everyone loves ribbons. Especially ones that come pre-animated and ready for use.

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Pirate life beer 2D can animation

After effects Fake 3D Spin

Creating the illusion of a 3D item at times can be much quicker than creating a 3D model and textures most of the time. It’s normally reasonably easy to do as well, especially when you are working in a flat field of view (image directly to camera) like in this example.

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free after effects seamless transitions

Free After Effects seamless transition pack

Every motion designer and animator needs to have a few tricks up their sleeve to impress clients.

Seamless video transitions is a simple trick to turn a B-grade video into a sleek high end product.

There are many ways to hide cuts and this pack contains 4 of my favourites, all ready to use and easy to implement.

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