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Northern Health “PROMS” and “Shared Decision-Making” Animation

In these animated videos that Motion By Design made for Victoria’s Northern Health, we set out to create an informative and compassionate narrative that highlights the significance of their services in healthcare.

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“We had a fabulous experience working with Dom and the Motion by Design team. They were committed to ensuring that every aspect of the video was exactly what we envisioned.
The response from our consumers and clinicians has been overwhelmingly positive. We can’t wait to work with them again in the future to develop more high quality content for our community.”

Dr. Katharine See

Northern Health’s Director of Respiratory Medicine

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About this project

To bring this vision to life, we researched the medical conditions featured in the video to ensure accuracy and appropriateness in our imagery and icons. Our team started by sketching a compelling storyboard that visually captures the essence of the script. From there, we designed the illustrations to convey the emotions and challenges faced by individuals in their healthcare journeys.

Throughout the video, we emphasize the importance of actively involving patients in their healthcare decisions, striving to achieve health outcomes that genuinely matter to them.

The Goal: To raise awareness about the benefits of shared decision-making and the importance of patient feedback, while fostering a sense of trust and collaboration between patients and healthcare providers.

Graphic that includes characters from the animated video

The visual Direction

To be in line with the main message of the videos; we incorporated the “journey lines” in the storyboards to serve as a powerful storytelling device, illustrating the diverse paths healthcare decisions can take for different individuals.

Additionally, the journey lines highlighted the essential role of healthcare providers in guiding and supporting patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Character illustration in different posses

The Characters

For this project, we created an entire library of characters that included a wide range of ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds to represent the diverse patient population that Northern Health serves.

We aimed to strike a balance between realism and a charming artistic flair, allowing the characters to feel both relatable and visually engaging. Also, we incorporated the brand’s colors in a bright and cheerful manner, which contrasted with the dark blue of the background.

With Mia for example, we wanted her to be a relatable and inspiring character, motivating viewers to advocate for their own healthcare needs and participate actively in their treatment decisions.

Our research included studying various breast cancer treatment options to ensure that Mia’s journey encompassed all possible paths for patients facing this diagnosis. we also explored the ways some breast cancer patients were able to undergo chemotherapy without experiencing hair loss. This aspect of the research allowed us to showcase the importance of personalized care plans and how Mia’s healthcare team worked together to address her concerns and prioritize her well-being during treatment.

Character illustration in different posses

Each character in the video possessed distinct features and attributes that set them apart from one another. We wanted the audience to immediately recognize and empathize with the unique experiences of each individual.

Whether it was George’s gentle smile and greying hair, Mia’s determined expression, or Carmela’s graceful appearance, every detail in their backgrounds and appearance was thoughtfully considered to differentiate the characters.

Project brief

To create two impactful animated videos that promote patient-centric care, empower individuals in their healthcare decisions, and highlight the significance of PROMs in improving healthcare outcomes. It set out to showcase diverse patient experiences and promote open communication to align treatment plans with patients’ values and preferences.


• 2x animated videos
• Compelling scripts, diverse character designs, smooth animations, and sound effects.


To achieve the project goals, Motion By Design’s team employed a comprehensive approach that involved meticulous research, thoughtful storytelling, and creative animation.

color palette for NHLN
different stages in the process of video creation

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