Scripting, Filming and Editing - TV Commercials and Corporate Videos.

Client: Australian Outdoor Living

Working with Australian Outdoor Living has been a real pleasure. Working closely with their Creative and Branding teams we’ve created now over 100 TV national TV commercials on a reasonably low budget.

Australian Outdoor Living is one of Australia’s great companies and scripting for these commercials was a real please. Selling the ‘Great Australian Dream’ is not hard with such epic looking product.

Keeping the budget low for these commercial was an exciting challenge as Creative, Scripting, Filming, Motion graphic animation and CAD approvals are needed for every commercial. Together over the past few years we have built a large video library that Australian Outdoor Living can now use for TV commercials, Social media posts and any video content.

These commercials were filmed with a crew of 1-3 people utilising mini-jibs, an A7S and external recorder for 4k 10bit recording.


Watch the AOL cinematography reel

Watch the AOL Television Commercials

Creative, Motion Graphics and Animation - Facebook Adverts

Client: Australian Outdoor Living

Creating social media content for Australian Outdoor Living is an extremely fun job. Turn around times are tight and new refreshing content is always needed to aid in conversions. Utilising the video library that I filmed, along with motion graphic animation Motion By Design has handcrafted some very unique content to drive home the required messaging. 

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