Agency Partnerships

Motion By Design work closely with a number of design and marketing agencies across Australia, providing a suite of white label production abilities including motion graphics, animation, video, design, editing, and copywriting.

Why Motion By Design?

MBD have a full in-house team of talented designers, animation experts, video gurus, and master illustrators – and while this means that we can provide our own clients a complete end-to-end project development pipeline – it means that we have the talent and capacity to fill any gaps that other teams might otherwise need to find freelancers for!

We’re our own agency, so you get the reliability of agency work – but being able to cherry-pick the skills required the same way as you would a freelancer.

Working With Us

We’re flexible, and offer a number of ways of working with our team. We can take jobs on one-at-a-time and invoice individually, we can offer hourly rates on work performed, or we offer great value retainer options that guarantee monthly workloads, results, and eliminate the risks associated with being unable to outsource appropriately.

To discuss how Motion By Design can integrate with your team and projects, please get in touch with us.

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